This guy has got it made in terms of comfort!  Raffia-bottomed Tom’s shoe style slippers and Spanish harem trousers.  I first saw this style of trousers invading the markets of Spain last summer.  They didn’t quite catch on as virally as I had imagined but at least someone caught my drift!  These trousers are such a unique silhouette and comfortable as all-get-out.  Spotted near Brighton at a university campus.


I spotted these bright creatures sitting merrily inside the glass display case of jewelry in the SAATCHI gallery of London and immediately they came alive in my imagination.  I was drawn to their simple colours and intricate yet smooth profiles, but as I recognized each tiny animal I had to smile.  Each one was cut out of plastic and formed directly with a smooth ring body that slips neatly on your finger.

The key concept is that these rings are stackable!  Tiny little plastic creatures line up with equally small tree landscapes or small cityscapes with a small double-decker London bus.  You can create a super-tiny and modern diorama that is…well…within arm’s reach, and if you get bored, there’s nothing to stop you from switching out your creature or your landscape.

Soop designer self-titles herself as the “head chef of the Soop kitchen”, and indeed Wei-Lian Scannell does mix up some tasty concoctions of plastic and clever ideas.  But it doesn’t stop at jewelry.  Check out for some quirky but beautiful homewear and ceramics too!  Whether you are looking for a set of plates with bright bug silhouettes that resemble flowers or a comfy body-pillow complete with an arm to wrap around you (handy, no?) there’s nothing that can’t be made infinitely cuter or more quizzical than something by Soop.

What updates the sheer maxi trend? Spring it up with a lighter hue and some tropical accents as this London Fashion Week goer seems to prove.  She punches up the colour with a bit of sherbert orange in her jumper and keeps it toned and British with a classic khaki trench. I’m loving her androgynous hair as well, and those shoes: matte black, a bold silhouette, and the thicker the heels the better. Hats off to this trend update from London.


Muted earth tones for this off-duty model.  The key is in the simplicity.  No crazed gemmy details, no, she lets the colours speak for themselves.  It’s a soft song with a salmon high-note in the skinny-legged trousers.  Her pose too, is ultra-perfect, half step in the air and off-kilter shoulders but with a warm and approachable grin.  Thanks for the photo, Miss Model! Here’s to hoping you have a successful rest of London Fashion Week x.



Oh darling! This is a suit to take on the world in and what a captivating model as well. I managed to find myself in the Invitation-Only Felicities Presents Event in the Portico Rooms of Somerset House at London Fashion week and boy was it worth it.  The models faced off like fighters with one in each corner seemingly battling for the crowd’s attention. International seemed to be the name of the fame-game with one designer placing their model in geisha makeup, another in swirling watery tropical hued garments, a third in Balkan military/modern uniform, and this lovely chica in fuschia a la Latina from the label Tramp in Disguise.  ‘Bring it on!’ her eyes seem to say while simultaneously alluring, and same goes for the outfit as well!

Someone once told me that there were no ‘Peacocks’ left in London…I think I may have just found one.  A hand-made wire headdress encases this fashion-creature’s head over a balaclava and earrings—making the look quite Queen-Amidala-esque.  An amazing array of beaded feathers cascades down the caplet, catching each glimmer of late-night fashion-week light.  The embellishment merges seamlessly with actual feathers which completes the transformation from ordinary person to magnificent creation.  The drama doesn’t stop there while an ominous black silhouette takes full advantage of the towering figure.  Spread your wings and fly, ‘Peacock’, London (and in fact the world) needs more of you. xxImage



Spotted around London Fashion Week was the performance artist Pandemonia.  She makes a particular point of attending fashion events while dressed entirely in Latex.  I spotted her image later plastered across a café window in a latex body-suit emblazoned in the Union Jack.  Today however, she opted for a bright lemon-y hue and matching plasticized canine.  She seemed to be half retro-50’s housewife and half futuristic medusa.  She certainly captured the hearts of quite a few photographers and bloggers as they crowded around her every move even as the night wore late and most guests had gone.  xx



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